Action 1999 Windows Xicat Interactive Humorous Shooter

A funny shooting game for those tired of war games

Cowhunter is for those that want to laugh, but not for vegetarians! This is a humorous point and click shooting game where you have to shoot cows, making hamburgers out of them. There are 3 modes of shooting: Skeet Shooting (cows will fly across the sky, and you have to aim and shoot them down, and the more bonuses you get based on the hamburgers collection, the more points you achieve), Cow Tipping (will give you the chance to get near the cows with a floating hand that will get them while snoozing. If a cow isn't fully asleep, it will lift its tail and fire dung at you. You can stop it hitting you if you click on it before it gets to you. Ahahaha! This mode was my favourite, oh, and how I laughed...). The last mode is Target Practice, where you will try to shoot all the cows as they will peek around various locations or pop up from behind haystacks. The guns you have to choose from are called Cowabunga Rifle, Mooozi Machine Gun, Super Mag Pistol. Play this game because is very funny and not boring at all! Both kids and adults will be entertained by it, and if you want something new and more relaxing, being tired of war action games, Cowhunter is perfect for you! Prepare your guns and your shooting skills and take down all those silly cow targets!

NOT for vegetarians

Just reading about this game got me laughing, and I decided that I had to try this game. And while playing it, the laughing never stopped! There are many shoot games that require you to do nothing but aim and fire at objects that are comming at you. In this case, the target are cows. You have several modes in which you kill them - Skeet Shooting, where you have to shoot the cows while they're flying in the air, Cow Tipping, where you try to tip sleeping cows and the ones who are awake shoot dung at you (yes, dung) which you must avoid and Target Practice, where cows pop up behind haystacks or doors and you have to have quick reflexes and shoot them on the spot. Seeing the cows flying in the air and throwing dung got me laughing to tears! The game as such is nothing special, a simple click and shoot game, but the concept is so original that it has to be tried out. It's a good game for a few laughs, but nothing serious or long-term. If you have a sense of humor and want some fun, try this game out, at least for the laughs. Then go and play Virtua Cop or Zombies and aliens.

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