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Average simulation with lack of vareity

It is a unique simulation in terms of the plot where you are to set a base on the moon. The simulation elements are though completely Sci-Fi but the unique plot still makes the game very interesting. You have to establish your base on the moon by developing some good living modules where all the human activities can take place. The living module will off course require oxygen and as you need a permanent establishment on this base, you will have to build an oxygen generation unit that will continuously produce oxygen for the use of the workers. Similarly you will need to build a lab where all the research and the development activities will take place. The basic aim of establishing the base on the moon is to produce helium and to generate a substantial amount of income by shipping the produced helium to Earth. The game does not feature much depth in terms of the buildings that you can build but is good in terms of the catchy graphics that it has. Similarly the replay value is not that good either but the strategic scope has been incorporated quite well. The game is overall addictive but is way inferior to Winzer.

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