Dark Disciples

RPG 2004 Windows Dodgysoft Top down Anime

Thieving centered top down RPG

While Dark Disciples might not be the most sprawling RPG out there, it nonetheless manages to create a really nice experience with its limited set of options; perspective wise it offers you a perfectly square over the top view of the world, which sees everything drawn as squarely as you can wish for. But that won't be a problem, quite on the contrary, you will find the view very appealing and very refreshing, especially if you had enough of 3D top edge RPGs that just manage to overload your visual cortex. Nope, Dark Disciples just wants you to be able to see what you are doing, where you are going and how you're going to sneak on your next objective. Yap, most of the game is a question of staying out of sight, which is aided by the mechanics of enemies seeing you. At any rate, if you've ever seen a D and D map before, the ones that look like blueprints, this will feel familiar, as you are nothing but a peon on such a map. All the required info will be delivered text based and there are no issues in understanding what it is you need to do and where you need to head. What can I say, sometimes less is more and Dark Disciples demonstrates that as good as you want it. Give it a go or go for Ultima 4 or some other of the Ultima early games, as the perspective will be similar and the mechanics also of the same difficulty level.

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