Magic of Endoria

RPG 1994 Dos Dosbox German Design Group Top down Anime

Dig, dig, dig in a fantasy setting

Fantasy strategy fans might be tempted to check out this little offering, and fortunately it does provide a fair bit of entertainment, albeit in less than spectacular fashion that is slightly lacking in long term appeal. It starts out in pretty traditional fantasy style, with the usual hogwash story about ancient gods, rival wizards, magical shards and all the other stuff one associates with the genre. The player gets to control one of these rival wizards and must dig deep into the earth to discover the magical shards which lay hidden beneath the surface. In order to achieve this, you have to do the sort of thing generally associated with real time strategy games like Command and Conquer, including building, managing and defending your mines. You have a variety of professions at your disposal, including craftsmen, diggers, researchers and warriors, all of whom who need paying. You're required to dig alleys, set traps, research new lines of technology and of course do battle with your rivals who are trying to steal your shards. You spend most of the time on a map, keeping a track on your mines and issuing orders. Magic of Endoria certainly isn't a bad game, and if you like juggling-style strategy games which keep you on your toes, there's much to enjoy here. The visuals are pleasingly old-school, with bright vibrant colours that seem slightly out of place but which provide the game with plenty of character. The interface can be a tad clunky at times, but apart from this, Magic of Endoria is entertaining stuff.

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