The California Raisins

Action 1988 Dos Dosbox Starsoft Development Laboratories Humorous Platformer

A raisins heavy run and jump platformer!

Raisins in the 80s was big business, and companies would go out and about to make sure that their brand was the one on the table of the US citizen. This game here was released with a sole purpose, that of making the Californian raised raisins be the ones to be bought. However, while a pure blood commercial as a game, this one is, weirdly enough, not bad at all. It combines running and jumping, of course, of raisin characters in this bidimensional world, seen from the sides, and colored in simple colors, of the EGA standard. At times you will have to also jump over walls and climb ladders, and the raisins are really quite the powerhouse, in terms of the feats that they can perform. So, if you don't want too much plot, too much shenanigans of story, but can appreciate a nicely done game of run and jump, with the occasional Lode Runner like portion, than you will find The California Raisins to be to your liking. Oh, and the cool thing is that this game not only wanted to raise the raisin (sic!) in the eyes of the US citizen, but also cereal, with which raisins were mostly to be consumed, so the entire adventure takes place in a cereal factory! Now that's a marketing ploy right there, if I ever saw one!

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