Llamatron 2112

Action 1991 Dos Llamasoft Humorous Science Fiction

Classic shooter with llamas!

The creator of Llamatron, Jeff Minter, is an industry legend, a true eccentric with a penchant for llamas. This is his most famous creation, an arcade-style shooter inspired by another classic, Robotron: 2084, and which features the distinctive visual stylings that he is known for. Which of course means plenty of llamas. The game itself is a fairly straightforward old-school shooter, with a simple enough concept, but which provides hardcore blasting fans with the kind of challenge they crave. The action plays out over a static screen in which the player can move freely in any direction, and requires them to simply destroy all enemies in order to progress to the next wave. However, a secondary objective of attempting to save the various beasties which wander the screen also adds in some variety. These can herded up into a line which follow the player around and which provide a points bonus if they can all be saved before the end of the level. Llamatron really is rather insane, a fast-paced romp through shooter heaven of a kind that is rarely seen today. While undeniably simple and lacking in depth, it displays Minter's unique imagination in such an entertaining way, that it is hard to put down. The graphics are full of psychedelic personality, but it is the sound effects which perhaps leave the greatest impression, with bizarre effects that assault the player and leave them reeling with their sheer outrageousness. Llamatron is a classic shooter, fast, furious and addictive in the way that all great shooters are and is a must play for fans of R-Type, The Reap or Gunstar Heroes.

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