Wacky Funsters

Action 1992 Dos Dosbox Tsunami Media Humorous

Simple but fun mini-game collection

Anyone who enjoys mini-game collections mixed with humour is sure to enjoy Wacky Funsters, an unusual but enjoyable attempt at doing something a little different. However, it is rather lacking in depth and its simplicity is likely to wear thin pretty quickly.Story-wise, the game sees full-on nerd Geekwad being sucked into his computer (for no apparent or significant reason) where he is greeted by a king who tasks him with taking part in a series of games in order to keep such entertainment alive. There are five of these games to enjoy which are: Ping (a Pong rip-off); Rambi vs Blambo (which involves slaughtering animals or people in a basic Operation Wolf-style shooter); Big Guys with Muscles (a rather simple beat 'em up); Steroids (which bizarrely involves stopping dangerous steroids from harming a body builder); and finally Roadkill (another twisted take on the driving sim). While the games are undeniably simple and lacking in depth, they are all presented in fairly characterful fashion, with bright, cartoon-style graphics that lend the game its distinctive personality. The humour on display here is something some will find appealing, although others will find it a big turn-off and your enjoyment of the game will heavily depend on this. None of the games are overly taxing, either on the reflexes or the brain, so as long as you aren't expecting anything approaching complexity or offering mental stimulation, Wacky Funsters is reasonably enjoyable, if undemanding and short-lived, entertainment. Just don't expect to be playing it for very long.

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