Revenge of the Mutant Camels

Action 1984 Dos Dosbox Llamasoft Humorous

A weirdass shooter from Winamp fame Llamasoft!

Heh, Llamasoft sure were up to no good back in the early 80s! They hadn't yet given up on gaming production to focus on their software bundles, (btw, thank you, Ll. for a great music player! RIP!) but instead they were tethering on the brink of insanity by creating little odd games, such as is this one here! Anyway, technically this is a sidescroller shooter, but instead of some more normal shooting entity, you control a damn camel! That flies! Yep, the guys and gurls at Ll. sure where a little spazzed out, but here's what: for short amounts of time, this game of theirs can sure be a lot of fun. It is a product that is sure worth its salt, that is the kind of product that you'll either not get, or have one of those dumb grins on your face. So, if you appreciate games that have flying knobs in them (nope this one doesn't feature such a monster, hehe!) I bet you'll appreciate the esthetics of this one! And if it really clicks with you, see how you like their other camel heavy left to righter: Attack of The Mutant Camels! This one is graphically 16bit like if RotMC was the 8bit like installment, though gameplay wise they're both the kind of games produced under the influence of something! They must be! Hehe!

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