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Claymation on the DOS system

TROG is an early 1990 arcade video game created by MIDWAY that was also ported to the Nintendo Entertainment System and PC DOS the next year in 1991. Surprisingly, it is a really good and addictive game despite the dull colors and bland looking enemies. The graphic cartoon cut scenes were actually quite impressive as well. The computer version is different to the NES version because the NES was very limited in graphics. You can play as one of the 4 characters in the prehistoric land of "Og" that is ruled by one eyed cyclops and dinosaurs. The characters you play as, I believe were made using claymation, similar to The Dark Eye horror adventure game, but for Trog I think using claymation may have been a little ahead of it's time, nevertheless it is still impressive and different to most games from it's 1990 era. I never actually have seen the arcade version, so I don't know how it differs, but the gameplay is simple and addictive and the gameplay reminds me a little bit of Pac Man in the way you are constantly being chased around the level by enemies wanting to eat you. An all around recommended game that actually get's more fun once you get the hang of it.

My favorite on Nintendo

This was my favorite game when we had the original nintendo. Very entertaining, comical. My favorite levels were the bonus levels, like the trog BBQ where you got to roast all the trogs you want with fireballs and watch them turn to a pile of ashes. My siblings and I enjoyed punching the Trogs off the screen and sometimes frying or punching each other.

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