Space Quest - The Sarien Encounter

Adventure 1986 Dos Dosbox Sierra On-Line Humorous Point and click

Entertaining space themed adventure game

The Space Quest - The Sarien Encounter game is one of the better games I the Space Quest series, a series produced by Sierra, well known during the late 80s for their adventure games. This gimmick of the series is its less than serious take on the space exploration trope, which puts you in charge of Roger Wilco, a janitor who just happens to fall into the role of captaining his own ship. Thus, the game will put you up for solving all sort of weird little puzzles, while the dialogues with wacky alien races will put a smile on your face, especially if you're a fan of old space operas of the 80s. The graphics look really good, for the era, with lots of interiors of ships and also with lots of alien breeds, one more cool looking than another. Many of the references will put a spin on the Star Wars universe as well as the Star Trek series, so fans of any of those TV series will have a chance to feel offended! Thankfully, the game isn't frustrating, as the puzzles are generally simple and logical, though they seem to put a lot of emphasis on unlocking doors and on finding your way to areas of your ship that were previously inaccessible. Later on you will also adventure through alien planets as well but your apprenticeship will be done aboard your starship. As with many of the adventure of the era, make sure to have a walkthrough at the ready just in case, because the story is really going to prove interesting and very funny indeed.

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