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A classic RPG, ADD rules, a well crafter story

Ravenloft is, in terms of build a classic old school first person RPG, that uses the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons rule set, but in terms of the story it wants to tell and the build it has, it is without a doubt a special entry in the pantheon of these games. It's fun, well executed, and it really strives to create a very beautiful, very satisfying experience. Thus, it will definitely offer you a great party based mix of elements, and a beautiful gameplay experience, that really knows how to sink with any player that loves these kinds of games. You will also do a whole load of exploration in it, as expected, which can be a great experience for those that love dungeon crawlers, but it's never just that. The story, involving Lord Dhelt and his attack on your castle puts in motion a really beautiful experience that is truly going to take its cues and will run with it. So, overall, Ravenloft is fun, well executed and always exciting to sink into; it's a classic that is still easy to play enough, but not an empty shell; story and gameplay are really diverse and engaging, which is beautiful. Download also Ravenloft 2, which continues the journey and really takes the game up a notch graphically!

Good for DnD fans, not so for others

Ravenloft is one of those games that are designed for a certain social group and in this case the game is designed primarily for D&D players (much like Champion of Krynn). Ravenloft is a horror campaign setting for the D&D game, an alternate time-space existence called the Demiplane of Dread, which consists domains and each domain is mystically ruled by a being called a Darklord. Ravenloft: Strahd's Possession is a 1994 fantasy role-playing video game set in those lands. The player characters have to survive in these morbid lands while trying to retrieve a very important artifact that was stolen.The positive side of the game is the really good storyline and great visual design combined with fantastic voice acting. The downside is probably the very slow dynamics of the game. Since this is one of the first 3D games, everything moves much slower that we are used to today. Also, as the company progresses, they have to solve puzzles to move forward which is good, but the puzzles are too many and sometimes not necessary and tedius. Overall, a good RPG with a nice plot but maybe too much unnecessary detail and a very slow pace. Play this game at your discretion.

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