RPG 1994 Dos Dosbox Psygnosis Fantasy First person

An extensive Rpg action with hybrid elements

It is an FPS shooter RPG game which involves a lot of action, fun and adventure and has also been given the blend of fantasy elements. There is a set of 16 adventures from which you will have to select a party comprising of 4 adventures. These adventures have been split into assassins, fighters, rangers and wizards. The mission that you have is to set for conquering 4 different enemy dungeons which are filled with a diverse variety of enemies which keep on changing. In every dungeon you will also counter an odd puzzle which you will have to solve to move on. There are crystals at each dungeon which you need to collect to be able to compete with the ultimate villain. The element of fantasy is added in the form of some very strange enemies and the environment which looks like some old time dungeons. The game is quite big and will take you a lot of time to complete it. So you will have a lot of fun trying to complete the game. The A1 in the game is very good because all the enemies are very competitive. The responsive controls that have devised make the gameplay very pleasing and the graphics are also to talk about. The game plays in the same manner as we saw with Stonekeep.

FPS action!

Hexx : Heresy of the Wizard is a classic FPS action orientated RPG from the masters at Psygnosis. You choose a party of 4 adventurers from the pre-created set of 16, split into fighters, assassins, wizards and rangers. You then set off to conquer four different and enemy infested dungeons with the odd puzzles to solve. You must collect each crystal from each dungeon to challenge the final villain... Definitely one of the best of that generation.

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