Simulman - 01 - Simulman!

Action 1993 Dos Simulmondo Platformer Puzzle based

Before Tex Murphy ruled the Earth!

Simulmondo, who sill come to be involved with the Tex Murphy after this Simulman series, is an adventure/action game. It's got a dark futuristic theme, with its good dose of allotted steam punk, to keep it fresh. In it, you are going on a private eye type adventure, with its fair amount of twists. Unfortunately, while the game doesn't lack in puzzles, none of them are really too well produced, and won't really keep you impressed and won't give you a good experience. But, storywise, it has enough oomph to keep you going for a long period of time. So, overall, Simulman surely will keep you entertained, will offer you a satisfying experience, if you are not too demanding with your adventure games. Thus, as you'll find out, Simulman is truly epic, and has lots of cool ideas, and lots of beautiful twists in there, to keep you playing for long hours. So, overall, with Simulman you won't be in awe, but you won't be bored either. It's just a stepping stone game, towards better horizons. But worthy of having in your collection.

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