Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: Vol. 3

Adventure 1993 Dos ICOM Simulations Mystery Puzzle based

Enjoyable adventure into old London town

The world's most famous detective returns in this third volume of the popular Consulting Detective series. This one lives up to the high standards of its predecessors and provides amateur sleuths with plenty of enjoyably complex mysteries to get their teeth stuck into. This one provides three cases for you to solve, all of them intriguingly baffling, with the first revolving around the apparently accidental death of a solicitor but which may be murder, while the second involves another murder but which has potentially significant ramifications, and the third requiring you to find the connection between five separate murders as you go on the trail of a possible serial killer. The basic gameplay for all three episodes remains similar, with players required to visit the various locations involved with the crimes and collect information and clues from the witnesses and assorted characters you meet along the way. Once you have enough for a case, you must present the facts in court while responding to the judge's cross examination as he tries to find holes in your argument. If you are looking for something to stretch the old grey cells, then this game and the prequels should just about keep you happy. The cases are also nicely varied and take you to some appropriately atmospheric areas of old London town where you get to meet some entertainingly corny Victorian characters. The game's only real major flaw is its lack of replay value, as once you have solved the cases there's little incentive to play again, but while it lasts, the ride is a fun one.

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