Lost in time

Adventure 1993 Dos Dosbox Coktel Vision Science Fiction First person

A ship lost at sea and time traveling!

In Lost in time you play as an (un)fortunate lady called Doralice, who, while investigating an old ship lost at sea, suddenly begins to feel it move. However, while that might not be as strange, the game also takes her back in time, from her 1992 reality to the 1942. From there on it's a mish mash of real world factoids (the discovery of the Americium elements, for instance) and loads of other ideas, such as alien invasions, world organizations that actually decide the fate of history and much more. All in all, all of those strands create a very unique and weird story, sprinkled with puzzles (that unfortunately are not even close to the originality of the plot!) and with lots of (most poorly realized) dialogue. It's a strange game at best, but for the most part, when not on the brink of broken, it's a game that just doesn't work, just gets lost in a sea of half baked ideas. Plus, the live actors employed in the game are at best funny, when not just horrible. But, poor actors, with such a script I don't think anyone would have been able to bring these lines to life better (nope, they're bad actors too!). So, unless you have a love for broken (but playable!) games, you should definitely steer clear of this one! Rather download Fahrenheit, which, while weird is nonetheless fun enough and playable, and at its lowest at least sufferable!

Interesting plot, but too difficult

Lost in Time is an adventure game released in 1993 by Coktel Vision, a popular company for its educational and action productions. Lost in Time uses the full motion video engine, a first person perspective and a 3D background. Your character is Doralice, who has to investigate a shipwreck. While she was exploring the ship, a shadow appears, and when she followes it, she faints. She was chosen to travel back in time, more exactly in the year 1840, and Doralice finds herself in that period. The gameplay involves solving puzzles, collecting items and using the inventory of items in future missions. The interface is simple to use, the objects from the inventory can be used on items on the screen or on those you already possess, and the puzzles are either logical, either too hard. I, personally, felt that some missions asked too much of me, and that's why I wanted to give up everytime something like this occurred. Fortunately, the game has enabled a feature that gives you a limited number of hints, that should be used only when you feel your head will explode of anger. But, I recommend this game for its interesting story and for the fact it will keep your mind busy.

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