Lost Valley

RPG 2003 Windows Miguel Perez Fantasy

Action RPG; for a freeware release it's impressive

The best thing about Lost Valley is that it offers you no less than about a full day of gameplay, and, when you consider that it was released for free, and came on many freeware disks, the fact that it manages such quality is impressive. Also, what it is great at is building a world that is cool to explore. It's also a game that will allow you to go about in a huge map; more than 1000 individual screens, and you sure have a lot to see in each screen; there are loads of items to find, monsters to slay, and huge arrays of caves to sink into. As you'd imagine, the top down graphic are used all over and over again, so, if you were looking to find a game that was graphically appetizing, well, Lost Valley is more on the fringe of looking good; still, level design wise it is pretty interesting and so, you won't really mind the way it looks. The graphics are more like the ones in Castlevania, the first game, the one that came on the NES. There are also special gameplay elements in Lost Valley, original ones, that offer you a really different kind of build. So have the game in your collection if you love RPGs.

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