Three the Hard Way

RPG 2003 Windows Ii Shenron Fantasy Anime

RPGMaker-based game

3 the Hard Way is a very cool and unique RPGMaker-based game, the characters are fantastic and a nice relief if you're used to the cookie-cutter JRPG stereotypes you usually encounter in these games. Sometimes it's nice to play as a complete jerk, and this game delivers. Additionally, the maps and dungeons are nicely designed with interesting puzzles and solutions to get through each area. The midi music is a nice sampling of everything from John Coltrane to Joe Hisaishi to Aaliyah, but it's always appropriate and adds a lot to the atmosphere of the game. If this came out on the SNES (not that Nintendo would allow it, what with the implication of animal cruelty), it would be among some of the classics. The only thing I can really fault this game for is the use of a SaGa-style stat system. Everything else is pretty awesome, and I'd definitely recommend it to JRPG fans.

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