Laxius Power II

RPG 2003 Dos Dosbox Laxius Power Fantasy Anime

Huge RPG, explores mature themes and is very serious

Laxius Power II is truly an RPG epic; in terms of style of play this one is reminiscent of the 8bit NES console games, but surely it is more developed graphically. And, storywise, background story, lore, as well as the kind of questions and challenges it poses to you, it's a game for mature audiences. It's not because of extreme violence or sexually explicit material, but for the very grey area ways in which you have to make decisions. In a way, the fact that it was independently produced managed to make it a lot more satisfying and to represent a more serious approach to choice making, not sugarcoating or hamstringing itself into easy storylines and political correctness. Nope, it's a game made by a producer that was taking a sober look at the genre and decided not to dumb it down. Thus, if you love a bit of anime in your top down RPG, but also want a story that makes more effort, then Laxius Power II will do it for you, without question. Play the previous installment as well, both are highly mature, games that ooze personality and auctorial masterminding.

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