Love Potion

Adult 1994 Windows C's Ware Hentai Bishoujo

Porn, porn, game, porn

Love potion is a 1996 adult visual novel, much like Roseblood. Visual novels are interactive novels made for the readers to feel more involved in the plot. In Love potion, you take the part of the main hero Yuichi Sakuma, and you are incharged of investigating strange dissapearances in an all-girl high school. But that's where the plot ends, and the rest is hardocre porn. As in all visual novels, you spend most of the time reading the book and occasionaly, when asked, you can make a choice in action but somehow, whatever you do, the plot will be the same. So don't expect multiple endings like in most visual novels. This is not a game, it's a porn book made as a visual novel so you can get more into it. Nothing more. Visuals are almost nonexistant, just pictures with words below, but the pictures themselves are briliantly designed, since we are talking about Japan and their manga and anime art. But besides that, it's just porn, porn, porn. Just material for guys or girls with a desire for some.. Alone time.

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