Amy's Fantasies

Adult 1995 Windows C's Ware Hentai Bishoujo

Cheap rate anime porn

Amy's Fantasies is another one of the Japanese hentai games like Dangerous Toys which contains a lot of explicit sexual content but not a whole heap of actual gameplay. It's best suited to bottom crawlers who rarely venture outside into the real world so unless you consider yourself a creepy old man, then you easily skip this one and have a conversation with an actual woman. The story here is your typical Japanese nonsense, and follows Emi, a high school student who falls in love with her step brother. When she's about to tell him of her feelings, debt collectors show up and the step brother disappears. Now, Emi has to find him so she can tell him about her true feelings for him. However, along the way, Emi finds she has another person inside her, the rather more adventurous Amy who has all sorts of complex desires and who wants to explore them all. What follows is a sort of interactive graphic novel which is mostly concerned with telling a story as it lacks puzzles and with the player not really required to do much at all. If you are looking for a bit of cartoon smut to bring your own fantasies to life, then this will probably get your pulse racing. There are plenty of dodgy schoolboy fantasy scenes to encounter, along with enough cheap romance and cheesy characters to keep a soap opera going for years. The visuals are strange, with some amusingly bad designs for the characters but really there is little of interest here to anyone looking for anything other than cheap titillation, so walk on by this one and find yourself a real game.

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