Love Phantom

Adult 1996 Windows Love Gun Hentai Bishoujo

Witches do porn

Another game that follows in the traditions of Do You Like Horny Bunnies? and Virgin Roster, this is a pretty typical slice of adults-only Japanese anime soft porn. Like its brethren it's more of an interactive novel than a game, and which features lots of graphic content in addition to the occasional bit of decision making on the part of the player. It's not as bad as many similar titles, but it still manages to leave a bad taste in the mouth, thanks to the dubious nature of many of the scenes contained within which are quite distasteful. The story follows the adventures of Akira, a healer with supernatural powers who can cure curses and demonic diseases. He finds that the spirit of an ancient witch is still roaming around so with the help of his pretty young assistant and some even prettier witches, he sets out to stop her before it's too late. The game is formed of a lot of text accompanied by still images, most of which are rather graphic stuff, with the player occasionally required to make a decision regarding the direction of the storyline. The plot itself is quite engaging, if typically bonkers for this kind of thing, and it should keep genre fans happy enough with its twists and turns. The visual style looks very similar to other games, but the character designs are quite striking and give the game some extra appeal. The sex scenes are also typically graphic and should prove titillating for rock dwellers, but there are some pretty offensive ones which go beyond the boundaries of good taste and which are somewhat disturbing. If you are a fan of the genre, you should enjoy this, otherwise, keep moving on.

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