Time Stripper

Adult 1996 Windows Otaku Hentai Bishoujo

Poor adult interactive fiction

This is your average hentai graphic novel, and you play it as you imagine, by choosing the dialogue line which you prefer. The game doesn't coalesce its scenes into an overarching plot, at least not one that is driven by any ordinary sense of logic, but the drawings and the accompanying dialogues are ok. There will be sex talk, there will be some nudity and even some other elements that almost dabble into Sci Fi. Fans of hentai will maybe like this game, since it's hand drawn and features the usual quality you would come to expect, but nothing more. To add insult to injury, or rather to dig itself an early grave, the game buries its sexually explicit scenes by the end which is not really the way to go for this type of genre. At least if the story was more enticing maybe you would put up with it, but Time Stripper doesn't really try that hard. And, so, unless you're really committed to the genre, this game doesn't really need to be on your gaming list. It's just bland. Rather try the Paradise Heights series for a change, which features better graphics, better story and more nudity, delivered more timely.

A waste of time

Oh God...Why has our world been cursed with developers that these kind of games? You'd think that adult games like this would bring a little bit of entertainment or interactivity or any sense at all. No. Instead we are treated to such horrible games, that I cannot classify as games. The only adult-themed games worth a play are the Strip Poker games, even the most horrible one, because these can be at least considered as GAMES! Time Stripper is pretty just another example that hentai games will never be fun to be played. They are more like a chore and 99 percent of them aren't actual games. They're like a some sort of a graphical script(with a lame storyline) of an erotic movie. Time Stripper suffers the fate as the rest: no interactivity, pointless choices, a boring story, being forced to read text, nudity comes almost at the end and the list goes. That's it! That's what I have to say about this game. The developers should really take some lesson from others. because there a few GOOD adult games, besides Strip Poker. All in all, if you bought this game, consider yourself getting your money because Time Stripper is a waste of time!

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