Adult 1997 Windows Aaru Co. Hentai Bishoujo

Read a lot, do very little

Roseblood is a 1996. Japanese adventure game designed for DOS and Win98 by Auru Co. It's in fact a visual novel, which is very popular in Japan (something like Pokemon, only much less action. It means that you read the novel by playing the game, only you are the main character of the novel. The purpose for visual novels is to make readers feel closer to the plot by letting them become the main character. The guys will probably be heated for this game since it is rated „Hentai“(which in Japan means porn, though not literally) and will trigger your perverse mind a lot. The game is very simple. You play the main character, read the text of the novel and modify the plot as you wish by inserting sentences selected from a list when you are requested. For the rest of the game, you sit back and read the novel, as you would sit on your couch and read a book. There is nothing to say about the graphics, just a picture in the back and letters appearing in a small box at the bottom of the screen. Since it's a Japanese game, and the Japanese are perfect in almost anything, the music is also perfectly in tune with the story. This game is only for people who are into Japanese stuff, love animes and manga (Cartoons and comics made in Japan) and if you're not one of those, I suggest you sit this one out.

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