Out of the Sun

Simulation 1997 Windows Domark Flight World Wars Military flight

Obscure flight sim, but well worth a go

If you're big on WWII inspired flight sims, say, you loved Achtung Spitfire or Operation Overlord, you'll find this game here in the same ballpark. The game is arranged around a mission basis, which makes it great for those that don't want to mess with a strategic portion, so you'll be able to just focus on the mission at hand, playing and replaying it as much as you desire. Graphically it's a very cutting edge game, expect for the more intricate particle effects, I'd say you could pass this game for a 2000 or even much later release, though the game saw the light of day in 1997. Other than that, I think you'll also appreciate the diversity of the missions. There is dogfighting, there is bombing, there is recognizance missions, and much more. The gameplay can vary between pure arcade (great for those that play without a joystick) and it can be set on modes that are more realistic, though don't expect a one on one physics simulation. It's a game stuck in a world of its own, nice enough though to hint at the real deal, but never struggling, which is just great. Give it a go and see for yourself. It's even got superfluous but nicely rendered additions such as blacking out (yap, you'd better watch those Gs, hehe!) which render the screen black and can make you lose control of the aircraft!

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