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Very arcade like flight game, yet modern too

This is a game that took the story/build of the Sopwith arcade/simulation flight game that was released back in the 80s, and it goes on to create a modern experience on the bones to that game. It's an arcadey flight game in feel, but modern enough that it doesn't feel underwhelming or unsatisfying. Also, a great feat of this game is that it allows you to choose between a whole lot of different planes, and also, it gives you a satisfying dose of missions, some that are all about aerial combat, others that remix things around, creating something a bit more different. Also, what this game does is create a very interesting and very well behaved graphics and controls combo. You feel great playing it, without, however, having to learn extremely cumbersome maneuvers. Still, it doesn't play automatically, you still have a lot of depth in the controls and the way you can go about the missions. Otherwise, compared to a game such as Eurofighter Typhoon, it isn't as exciting. But it is well done enough to try, if you like a less intense flight game from time to time.

Flying sim focused on dogfights

Air Duel: 80 Years of Dogfighting is a nice enough flying sim whose cool twist is that it packs a solid host of planes, from different époques, while the main type of activity it puts you against is aerial dog fighting. So, if that's what you are looking for, and don't mind the not so well rendered ground scenery, and the rather old looking textures and models, this game can still be fun. Another reason why I didn't find this game to be negligible was the number of planes it simulates, which is quite impressive, but, with quantity there came a decrease in the quality of each plane's simulation. That's it's tipping point, accuracy. Most of the planes will behave mostly similarly, notwithstanding the fact that they can pack different physical metrics and in reality they'd be quite different in the way they would behave. So, overall, Air Duel: 80 Years of Dogfighting is mainly a game that you'll play if you want to take a look at how the airplanes evolved through the ages, as the models included are quite diverse. But, as always, later simulations will make the actual gameplay a lot more sophisticated, so if accuracy is what you're looking for, go for the infinitely better IL2 Sturmovik sim made even better by fan mods and continuous development since 2001.

Cut through the air

Dogfight is an upgraded version of the classic game of the 1980's named Sopwith. I have also played the older version and I have found this one to be a massive upgrade. The graphics have been upgraded to SVGA which has given it a lot of details in terms of the planes used and the background scenery. They have also excelled with the numerous additional game play options such as having to select 20th century combat planes and different backgrounds. You can also tweak around with the scientific aspects of the game such as gravity and make it tough to your liking. The controls are easy and allow for brisk navigation. Similarly there are options for multiplayer selection in this beta version and almost all the options have been enabled. What is most admirable about this game are its intuitive graphics which are not complicated and do no induce mental exhaustion even when you play for hours. The game is though in German but you will get to understand the option when you try them out. The other game in this category which is a must try is the Air Offensive but you should first give Dogfight a try.

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