Man Enough

Adult 1994 Dos Tsunami Media Role playing Interactive

Interactive dating

The game is quite simple and interactive. The goal is trivial and by asking and answering questions you'll manage to have a date with one of the girl. It's an interactive movie and don't expect that much on erotic pictures, it's quite soft and just entertaining for the first 20 minutes. Better the old Interactive Girls game that plays shorter and don't make you bored.

Another boring date game

I just don't understand developers that release adult themed games. Don't they realize that these kind of games are extremely boring? Man Enough is a prime example, beside other horrible adult themed games, such as Immoral Study Lesson 2.Man Enough is a date simulation game where you need to make the right choices in order to date five different women to be able to take a sixth woman out to date. Wow! Isn't that fun, huh?The gameplay is basically is pressing either the 1, 2 or 3 buttons to make a choice and see the reaction of the one you're interacting with. Is you mess up, you need to start all over again, so basically, you can do well in the game through trial and error.I really don't understand why this game is for adults. There is no nudity and is basically a DATE SIMULATION game, a game where you try to seduce a woman. The graphics are dull and ugly and the voice acting is cheasy. I swear if I play one of these games ever again I should probably check in a mental hospital and if you think that these kind of games are fun, then you need help.In conclusion, stay away from these horrible and boring games. You're better off trying to ask a woman in real life to a date or at least read a book of how to seduce a woman than playing Man Enough.

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