Fuck Quest

Adult 1998 Dos Dosbox Richard Eter Role playing

Fuck Quest, A name that says it all!

It might feel a little weird to know that Fuck Quest is a 1998 game given that it looks so low quality. But this was both a choice as well as a question of the creator's lack of skills in the department. To be fair, the game is a parody, and while some might like the humor and the sexual themes, others will simply feel a bit underwhelmed by it. At any rate, the game is quite short and it involves a protagonist which is looking for a sexual partner, at first to lose his virginity and later on just for the fun of it. But while it might be fun for the protagonist, its little fun for the player. There aren't really any challenges, and quests, anything to keep you playing. So, this is how it is, this game sort of gained some notoriety because in 1998 it wasn't as easy to create your own adventure game, but today there are myriads of AGS games (adventure games studio) that are free and are exciting and fun to play. So, if you want a quick laugh, go on and try this game out, but honestly it's no revelation. Try Leisure Suit Larry rather, as it is much more interesting, featuring a sexual theme but also cool interesting puzzles.

Like the old leisure suit larry 1

The game runs very much like the old leisure suit larry 1 where you have to type in commands, get things, give things and solve basic puzzels in order to 'get the girl'. it is a very small program and you finish the game in about 10 mins. The graphics and sound are very much old school like in the mid 80's but still fun and a good laugh for Larry fans.

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