The Civil War

Strategy 1995 Dos Dagger Interactive Technologies Historical

The UI and graphics are poor

It is a real time strategy game based on the Civil war and some other historical and epic happenings that occurred at that time. The real time element in the game has been implemented quite well and this makes the gameplay very good and interesting. The other interesting thing in the game is that it supports a multi-level command in it where you can make multiple orders at the same time. There are many units in the game but their action features are not good because when the soldier moves, they look like stick figures. Similarly the game also has multi-player mode through which you can play the game with your friends over the internet or LAN connection. In terms of the graphics, the game is not something to chat about because the details are not good and so is the UI which is really poor. The bad thing about the UI is that some of the elements and the options are unclear or hard to make out. The music is also quite poor. The controls in the game are average and the text base dialogues and entries are good to give you a backdrop of various happenings of the civil war. Overall it's a very average game on the topic and is nothing like Civil War Generals 2.

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