The Civil War

Strategy 1983 Dos Dosbox International PC Owners Historical

Text based boardgame recreation

You know you are heading towards a bit of a disaster when your text based game wants to recreate a board game, and not any board game, but a wargame boardgame! Well, I guess, the developers were just in an early experimental mindset, after all how much can you ask of an 83 game. I mean, the idea of a home computer game in that very early period was novel, so let's not ask for more than is possible. The problem is therefore the fact that all information is offered to you text based, taking much of the fun out of the game, if it doesn't make it outright unplayable due to the fact that you can't keep up with it. Don't expect any optimizations for its text based interfacing. By the way, there are some graphics there, but they are static and almost useless, as most useful information is delivered text based. But you'll never quite be sure what to do next, moment when you'll decide that exploring gaming of 1983 is not that profitable. At any rate, if you were looking for a Civil War wargame, try The Civil War (Empire Interactive) a modern game (by The Civil War's of 83 standards!) and definitely something you'll know how to interact with.

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