Madness of Roland

Adventure 1995 Windows Hyperbole Studios Myth and legend Multimedia novel

A work of art

Madness of Roland is not a game. Aside from a few rare clicks, you can't decide the course of action of the game. All you can do is sit back and watch. What makes it considered as a game is the fact that you can, at any time, see the game through a different character's eyes, which you can't do in a book. You can choose to play the whole game with text, voice acting and with or without music in the background. With great and very convincing voice acting, sound clips, beautiful wording and beautiful high quality art, Roach (the designer) takes you on a journey to medieval France and a story of love, action, magic and myth. If there is a word that could be described for this game, the first word in mind would indeed be: art. The game is truly a beautiful work of art. Hint : turn on the music. It will make the experience exponentially better. If you want more visual novels, try Noctropolis or Metal Gear Solid.

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