Magic & Mayhem

Action 1998 Windows Mythos Games Myth and legend

Magical and entertaining

Magic & Mayhem is a fantasy RPG strategy game, released in 1998 by Virgin Interactive, a company reputed for its "purely" innovative productions. You take control of a sorcerer that explores Celtic, Greek and Medieval lands, where you can interact with people and learn their interesting cultures. He goes on a trip to find his uncle, a sorcerer, who disappeared. The realm where he arrives is ruled by a powerful wizard that has to be defeated, in order to advance in the game. The whole plot consists in making new allies, casting spells, in discovering various myths and mysteries and entering into battles with rulers of each realm explored. The main reason of all these objectives is to find your missing uncle. The point-and-click adventure is entertaining, solid, addictive, and includes two modes: the single- player campaign and the multiplayer quick battles, which can be played also in single-player. I liked the fact that it wasn't too hard and also not too easy, so the difficulty balance is convenient. At the beginning of the game you have three talismans, but the progress will reward you with extra magic items, and many other things that will spice up your adventure. You will also gain experience as you accomplish tasks. The interface is easy and you won't have to spend a lot of effort in order to perform some spells, or going to a particular location on the map. I wil stop here adding one last thing: you will have a really good time playing Magic & Mayhem!

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