Theatre of Pain

Action 1997 Dos Dosbox Mirage Beat em up Myth and legend

Below average action

It is a 2D fighting game which is pretty average in terms of the depth and the variety in the gameplay. You have seven different opponents in the game with whom you will engage in combats. The opponents are both human and god and the ability you have in the combat is to kick and punch to make your way through them. The graphics in the game are far beyond their times but it is the only feature in the game which makes it above average as the rest are not admirable. The first thing is that there is not much in terms of the variety of action that you can do in this so called action game. The level designs though supported with fine graphics lack diversity and have many repetitive elements. Though you can do some special moves in the game but the A1 is really poor and non-competitive which makes the gameplay very simple. The power of you special moves will be dependent on the meter that appears on the bottom of your screen. The controls in the game are also not well synced and this adds to its downfall even further. Spirit Warrior is a far better game to have a go at some real action.

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