Tomb Raider II: The Dagger of Xian

Action 1997 Windows Eidos Shooter Myth and legend Adventure

A more mature Lara action adventure

Everyone will have their favorites in this long lived franchise. Some will love the modern games in the series, but some might also appreciate her first few adventures. I would argue thought that this is one of the better games in the older series. What it does, say, different than the first installment is bring about a lot more diversity in the level design. The areas are larger, sometimes they have more than just one mission, and the levels pack more diverse gameplay throughout. Here you might be engulfed in trying to negotiate jumping over a number of intricately put together platforms, later, in that very same level, you might be on to try and solve a classic puzzle. Then, when you thought it was all over, you have got to resist a totally unexpected assault. It's a game that is always expansive and diverse Tomb Raider II: The Dagger of Xian, so, if you love Lara, play this one, it sure is worth it. Graphically it's also much cleaner and detailed than the first which will definitely be something that many will appreciate.

Another thrilling Lara adventure

In this second installment of the epic Tomb Raider series, you follow Lara Croft from China to Venice to the underwater hideaways and lastly to Tibet and again the wall of China to find the dagger of Xian, a very powerful artifact that can give any living human the powers of the dragon. Graphically, this game is quite an improvement from the original series, Lara looks better, has much less cuby body structure (and breasts!), and she is equipped with a few new guns, such as the M-16 sniper gun, the automatic gun, and the grenade launcher, yet she is at her best and most comfortable with her famous guns. Follow this famous female archaeologist on yet another amazing adventure around the world, full of action and excitement and every hour you play will be only a minute in your hear. Believe me, I've been through it again and again and, 8 years later, yet again. Check out Lara's other sequels, my personal favorite The Lost Artifact and The Last Revelation

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