Action 1997 Windows Electronic Arts Myth and legend Robots

Shooter/action combination set on a future Earth

In SCARAB you are part of a powerful organization that puts you inside the world's hottest military missions. Yap, you're a mighty representative of the military operations of future Earth. The game's tone is a really interesting one, as it allows you to get to fight and to stroll on large maps. However the caveat is that you'll have to work your magic on creating a virtual server, or finding one for the game. The game was designed with multiplayer in mid and so the single player portion that it packs is not that satisfying. It's the kind that only just scraps the surface of what the multiplayer can offer you. But otherwise, within SCARAB you will have much less content to play with singleplayer based. Graphically, SCARAB is a nice 3D game, not too original or creative but nonetheless well done, overall. So give it a go and see how it captures your attention. I find it similar to Sandwarriors, though this later title packs more in terms of singleplayer content, and until you find a way to set up a multiplayer experience for SCARAB, this one can do it for you for single missions.

Extremely fun multiplayer

Scarab game had a moderate to healthy boom on Mplayer. It's extremely fun multiplayer, you can think of it as part strategy and part shooter. Not nearly fast paced enough for die-hard "run and gunners" and too much like a shooter for pure strategy fans. This feels more like a leisurely stroll compared to a 16 man tribes server but the two games have many similarities. A true classic albeit an aquired taste.

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