Magic Carpet

Action 1994 Dos Dosbox Electronic Arts Oriental First Person Shooter

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An interesting blend of tactics and flight elements

Magic Carpet was released by Bullfrog, from founder Peter Molyneux who had always looked to advance new ideas into gaming, and so, it comes as no surprise that this game is both innovative and fun to play. You will play the role of a magic carpet rider, and you will have to do battle with a lot of other sorcerers. In order to succeed, you will have to carefully select the combination of spells to use while at the same time keeping your manna counter full. The game has nice graphics for its time, but you might want to try the later released version, Magic Carpet Deluxe, who ironed out some of the bugs of this version while also diversifying the spell pool while also sharpening a bit the graphics. The game is also interesting to play if you want an interesting arcade flight sim that isn't necessarily very hard to control, in which your main task is doing battle with a good dose of tactics. Overall, however, the game is worth to download and play again!

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Magic Carpet was the first stereographic game in the videogames history. When the reviews are done in a superficial way, then it is likely that the game is considered poor. This is a game to play you have to have the eyes to watch it really.

Created by Bullfrog

If I well remember, I played that game in a version demo found in a CD, and is interesting that a so poor game like that was created by Bullfrog, the big creator of Dungeon Keeper for PC and Populous game. The graphics is quite poor. You have a rival with another magic carpet and he never try destroy you and your fortress. The sounds and camera viewpoint are bad as well. My idea is to download this game for who like of games of magic and RTS, and loss nothing for a good old game.

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