Mario's Game Gallery

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Classic boardgames with...Mario!

Mario's Game Gallery is a bundle containing classic board games: it's got Yacht, dominoes, Go Fish, Backgammon, and also Checkers. All the games are cartoony graphically and you play against Mario. Even if it's definitely built to entice Mario lovers and children, it's also a game that does a great job of the games, not just a poor collection of games. Sure, it's a budget game, and it shows in the rather careless backgrounds, menus and so on, but all in all, Mario's Game Gallery is a great looking, and totally playable game. The best are the dominoes and the Backgammon games, in my opinion, and the fact that Mario laughs at you if you make a bad decision or pretends to be sad when he loses is just great. So, overall, Mario's Game Gallery is worth it, for lovers of Mario the character, as well as those that want a more colorful board game collection! And a good alternative can be Wild Board Games, a board games bundle too, but this time paying homage to Taz, the Tasmanian devil, and similarly colorful and cartoon style realized.

Play table games with Mario

A very cool and original way to make children like table games and teach them about them. This time, you have the one and only Super Mario as your gaming partner. You play against the famous game character in Checkers, Dominoes, Go Fish, Yacht, and Backgammon. My thought is that kids probably don't normally like those games and think they're boring, so the developers used Mario as a bait to make them like it. If someone doesn't understand the rules, they are on the screen and simple to understand. Mario's great voice actor with a great and authentic Italian accent, witty comments and general appeal will definitely make the standard table games a lot more interesting and fun. The great graphics, very amusing animation and famous Mario characters as game pieces or pictures in cards also add to the very good gaming experience. A great way to take an ordinary, if not boring, game and make it more interesting! If you want some other standard games that are improved by famous characters, try Star Wars Chess.

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