Team Suzuki

Racing 1991 Dos Dosbox Gremlin Interactive Motorbike Driving

Early polygonal 3D motorbike racer, excitingly cool looking!

You don't need to share my love for early polygonal 3D games to appreciate this one. It sure is an overall nice motorcycle racer, well polished for what it is. However, it is very blocky! And I love that, especially when the gameplay is not impeded by that particularity of its style. Nope, all things aside Team Suzuki is a sweet, nice game, where you can actually get a lot of enjoyment out of the actual racing portions, not only from being a nice tourist in its lands. At any rate, there are three types of motorcycles to race, differentiated by their cylindrical capacity: 125, 250 and 500 cubic centimeters, which translates, as you go from the smallest to the largest in speedier, more powerful (and harder to control) bikes. So choose carefully. So, yeah, a well produced game, controls well even via mouse (it's, after all, an arcade game) and has a style that can't be found nowhere else. Also worth downloading, the much more modern GP 500 is a great, on the brink of modernity, superbike racer.

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