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Racing 1988 Dos Dosbox Riggs International Motorbike Driving

Limited racing fun

This little known racing game, similar to Super Hang-On or Pole Position, was actually published by Capcom, presumably because they wanted to get in on the popularity of the genre and steal some of Sega's business. Unfortunately however, it proves to be a very limited game which is decidedly lacking in fun or interest. It's a motor bike racer which has one attempt at originality and which is the inclusion of a drag racing mode. This is played out in side view and sees the player simply trying to accelerate as fast as possible in order to set the fastest time. Although it is slightly tricky to get it exactly right and requires some skill to master, drag racing is pretty dull and its novelty value soon wears off, with most players likely to turn to the traditional racing mode which is also on offer here. However, things don't really improve here. As with drag racing, you have four real world bikes to choose from, although they aren't particularly realistic in their representations. Once you've made your choice, it's time to head out on to the track and start racing. Again though, problems are pretty quickly encountered. There are no other opponents to race against, making this a very lonely and rather pointless exercise that lacks anything of interest to racing fans. The tracks are decent enough and there's a reasonable sense of speed but simply racing around by yourself gets very boring, very quickly. There's almost no challenge on offer here and you'll probably achieve your best times on the first attempt as it's almost impossible to get things wrong. There are far better racing games out, so take a look at Outrun or Power Drift for some real classics.

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