Marine Sharpshooter II: Jungle Warfare

Action 2004 Windows Groove Games Shooter

Boom! Headshot!

There are actually four games in the Marine Sharpshooter series of first-person shooter games which might come as a surprise as the franchise is far from being as well known as Call of Duty or Medal of Honor. What's even more surprising is that the franchise made it to four installments despite them all being less than impressive, with this first sequel being distinctly uninteresting. This one is very similar to its predecessor, with the essential idea remaining the same and which sees you in the role of a military sniper. This time around, you're in Burundi just as a civil war is kicking off and it's your job to find the President who has been kidnapped by rebels. Together with your spotter, you'll make your way through a series of jungle-themed levels, sneaking your way past soldiers and other hazards while setting yourself up for some long-range kills when it counts. There are ten missions to complete while you also have access to three different sniper rifles and a bunch of hi-tech gear which might come in handy along the way. Jungle Warfare is very much a budget game and while this isn't always a bad thing, here it really stomps on any chances this has of being taken seriously. The visuals looked bad even when it was released so they're even worse now but this could be forgiven if the gameplay was enjoyable. Sadly, this fails in that respect too, with questionable level design, wonky enemy AI and a whole heap of other problems. Only one of the ten missions is really worth playing but this isn't enough to save this from being a complete dog.

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