AquaNox 2: Revelation

Action 2003 Windows JoWood Productions Military Shooter Sci fi

Better than the first Aquanox

AquaNox 2: Revelation is a 2003 action game whose futuristic and apocalyptic story takes place in the 27th century. This game combines the elements of a submarine simulation and a first-person shooter (but the feeling is different when using each of the modes). I personally, preferred the Simulation mode and I am sure you will do too. William Drake's vessel was attacked and taken over by some mercenaries, and because they didn't kill him, Drake has to merge his actions with them. I have to say this game seemed to me very relaxing, I think the most relaxing game I have ever played. I am reffering to the liniar aspect, that makes everything continuous. The liniar aspect won't allow you to choose between multiple possible actions. There are a lot of dialogues with various characters that will tell you what to do further, and that is why there is no freedom or control when arriving in the cities or on the ship. You will do what others will command, indicating your tasks in a calm manner. You can control or upgrade four different gunships. I loved the sounds and especially the voices, they aren't annoying at all, and following their instructions makes everything easier and more pleasant . Play this game because it brings many satisfactions, being better than the previous AquaNox!

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