Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror

Action 2002 Windows Infogrames Shooter First Person Indie Shooter action

Take 'em down!

Although Tactical Ops is a standalone game, it's actually a mod that was based on Unreal Tournament and which got picked up for commercial release. It's very similar to the likes of Half-Life: Counter-Strike in that it's a team-based tactical shooter which encourages cooperation but there's also a single-player campaign if you're having trouble finding other people to play with (which is likely). The game lets you assume the role of a terrorist or an anti-terrorist special forces soldier and charges you with completing a series of semi-realistic missions. These include the likes of rescuing hostages, defending key locations, or raiding enemy hideouts. The single-player campaign puts you in a similar position but this time obviously you don't have real-world players to back you up. There are over thirty different maps in the multiplayer, along with twenty real-world weapons to try out, along with a variety of different character models to add to the realism. Tactical Ops isn't a bad little shooter but it's just lacking in appeal these days. The main problem is that it was really designed as a multi-player game but with players being difficult to find these days, that aspect is obviously not so important. The single-player portion is still fun in that slightly old-school shooter way and although the missions are fairly predictable, they're still enjoyable and challenging to complete. The visuals are simple enough, with a lack of real detail, but the major problem is that there are other games out there which do the same thing but better.

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