Robotron X

Action 1996 Windows GT Interactive Isometric Arcade style

Robotron: 2084 in brand new clothes!

Robotron X is a revamp of the original Robotron: 2048 title. What it was, was a top down maze and shooting game, pretty decent and pretty fast, of the era when arcade titles had very fast and twitch sensitivity control schemes, and the displayed flickered so wicked! Well, now that this game was released in 97, when technology had advanced quite a bit, the developers saw a window of opportunity not only to update the graphics but also to add to the core experience, and what they did, they added a bit of a backstory plus a more tactical approach to the recipe. The story is about you being the mankind's last hope, you know, the ultimate savior, while the game proper, the gameplay additions, are all about adding more enemies. Granted, the flicker chaos of the original in no more, but this one instead has more in the realm of challenge, but modern challenge, but it's still an interesting game, even if not as fast and twitch inducing as the first one. Alternatively, see Meat Puppet, an action game that had quite a few aces up its sleeve as well, released in 97 as well.

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