Xpand Rally

Racing 2004 Windows 1C Company Car simulation Rally Off road Action Car and truck racing and flying

A Good Rally Game

Xpand Rally is a racing game developed by a Polish team known as Techland. While there are other more famous rally-racing games out there, like Colin McRae Rally 2, Xpand Rally is neat little racing game that offers that all games should deliver: fun. The concept of the game is simple: you participate in rallies and, of course, you have to win them all. The game offers 20 cars to race and a great number of 60 tracks to race on. Yes, you've read it right, SIXTY tracks. That's an amazing number, because most rally games don't offer as much tracks as this one. The physics of the cars are nicely done, giving a more realistic feel when a car goes from one type of terrain to another. If you're not satisfied with the performance of your car, you can always try to buy new parts that will your car's performance a bit. Let's not even forget that the weather conditions makes things more challenging. Conditions like rain or snow will make the terrain more slippery, while abrupt winds will certainly make your car much harder to control. While the crash effects are not something special, the graphics as a whole are pretty good and the sound effects are nice. Overall, Xpand Rally is a great and challenging rally game. It's not somewhat of a mainstream racing game or part of a large series, it's still a fun game that you could play any day.

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