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A masterful arcade rally racer

Sega Rally is a bit of a staple game in the kind of environment that 95 had; It's by no means a game that hasn't been surpassed, generally speaking that can't be done with racers, they're better on better technology, that can't be helped, but, at any rate, for its time period and the systems it had to run, it really managed to be the top dog of the racing scene during that period. That is because it created an experience that was fun to sink into, delivered a sense of speed and of edge of losing control like none other. Because of this, I think Sega Rally needs to be tried, especially if arcade racers entice you. Other than that it's got a lot of variety, lots of tracks and quite a few cars to choose from, and, furthermore, it's got good full 3D graphics that have a certain something that Sega was a master at doing. Not great in realism, but great at throwing little details here and there, that just made sense in the game. Play it, and also see SEGA Rally Revo, relatively the same business but with some more content and a few graphical tweaks.

Average game all the way

The game is not to chat about much but can be recommended to all those who like to try racing games. The thing is that there is not much of a variety but it has some element which can cause one to play it. Starting with the features about this game, the game has some very good controls which let you to curve through hard angles and allows you to regain control over the car when you tilt off the track. The graphics are not very good but they are something which one can compromise with. The tracks that they have incorporated do not have much of a variety but are good for racing. In terms of the cars, you can only select out of the four that they have given and this is something which really disappoints users. The music is not that bad but the speech of your co-pilot can tend to be a bit annoying. Coming towards the graphics again, they are actually average for an average give you an average gameplay. The game has nothing in common with other rally games like Colin McRae Rally 2 but can be a good time pass when you have nothing to do.

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