Action 1989 Dos Dosbox Systematics Science Fiction

2d action game with a very fragile chopper!

Rotor is a chopper inspired game, top down, action based, where you have to navigate the different levels; you have this helicopter ship that is very fragile; get hit by the baddies or collide with the walls, and you will have found your end! Graphically it's colorful and very well done, similar in many ways to an NES game, but, overall, with enough DOS looking elements to know where it is coming from. Also, adding more gist to the game is the upgrades, the fact that you have to play each level in a time sensitive time frame and, also, you have to collect gems and other things. Also, there are other ships that you will have to destroy in the game, so, in ways this is almost a classic action kind of production. Also, there are tractor fields, there are air gushes, and all of these contribute to the later levels being much harder to get through easily. But after you've gotten the basics Rotor is the kind of game you can't really put down. So, have it in your collection, it's worth it, for sure! A good alternative is Thunder Blade top down and third person (sprite based 3D) chopper flight game with arcade shooting sequences.

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