Adventures in Math

Puzzle 1983 Dos Dosbox IBM Education Math or logic

First person catacomb exploration and math

Treasure is what you will be chasing in this first person game, that kind of resembles Wolfenstein 3D and, the key to unlocking the treasure is to learn and solve algebraic problems. It's a really cool mix, especially if you or your kid is immune (!) to classical edutainment, and won't go near any Super Solvers title! So, here's the deal, you will explore the catacombs in the castle, and in order to get access to new spaces and to the much coveted treasure, you have to solve algebraic problems. It is quite easy at times but it gets harder, but you'll surely be hardpressed to learn a few things about basic calculus and so on. As such, it's totally worth the going about, the messing about, you know, the road in and out of it all. As such Adventures in Math is an idea, which, in spite of the lower quality graphics and in spite of the fact that it is quite repetitive, at least in the exploration portion, it makes up for it by administering increasingly difficult math problems. Just don't use an electronic calculator, and you'll have a math game that you'll actually numb your mind, especially in the later stages. Solve it!

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