Rocket Lander

Action 1982 Dos Dosbox IBM Arcade style

Houston, we have a problem

As you might expect from the title, this is another one of those shameless copies of a groundbreaking original that does little to expand on its inspiration but which nevertheless remains an enjoyable old-school experience. In this case, the inspiration is Lunar Lander which, for the uninitiated requires players to land their little spacecraft safely on the moon. Of course, it's all a bit tricky thanks to the inclusion of rocky mountains which get in your way and the fact that you have to deal with thrusting and tilting the lander to the correct angle if you want to get down in one piece. Hit the ground too fast and it will all end in tears and flames but if you manage to slow your descent to the right level, then you can consider yourself an expert pilot. If you rack up 100 points then you get to move up a notch and try your skills at a more advanced level with a whole new set of mountains to test you. This is pretty much it for Rocket Lander and although it is simple stuff, it is highly compelling and makes for an entertaining slice of old-school action. The controls are easy to get to grips with but difficult to master and the first few attempts to land will undoubtedly end in disaster. Stick with it though and you'll get the hang of it but even when you do, the game remains challenging in the best way and it is undeniably addictive to play. The visuals are straightforward enough but certainly do their job well enough so on the whole, while this might not exactly be original, it remains a fun excursion into the past.

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