Rebel Runner

Action 1996 Dos Microforum Myth and legend Platformer

The weirdest (graphically) platformer I played in quite a while!

Japanese styles and the way they go about creating things, is really something that works like an acquired taste: you can't force it upon yourself to like such products, you can't really say that you don't enjoy it, but they sure are different! Take this game for instance: a perfect example of the wackiness that is at the core of Japanese expression. So, you'll be controlling this robotic sidescroller android, that reminds a little of Tin Man! But guess, what, the environments are by no means in the same style; nope, this metal creature strolls around in the most organic (and beautiful!) landscapes. So, yeah, you could say that this game's thing is being distinctly trying to pair together really opposite elements. But you know what? It feels great, after that initial WTF, you're coerced into playing it, because you really want to see what is next! And, boy, the game delivers. Controls are pretty smooth as are the animations, and the graphics, in terms of consistency are more than satisfying. Give it a go if 16 bit like sidescrollers do it for you.

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