Command & Conquer: Yuri's Revenge

Action 2001 Windows Electronic Arts

Yuri is back!

The Command & Conquer series pretty much defines the real-time strategy genre, or at least stands as one of the key moments in its development, and this addition to the line-up brings yet more entertainment to the fold. This one stars the Russians' psychic adviser, Yuri, who has been building up his own army while the events of Red Alert 2 were transpiring, and now that that war has ended, he has launched his own plan to conquer the world with his psychic warriors. In a very Terminator-style plot twist, the only way to stop him is to travel back in time and halt the development of these warriors before they can be unleashed. You've got two single-player campaigns to try here, one for the Soviets and one for the Allies, and both let you take on Yuri and his army in traditional RTS style. You've got the usual array of units to make use of and although you can't play as Yuri in single-player, you can make use of his unique troops in the multiplayer, and there are some very fun and interesting ones to play around with. This really is a cracking example of the genre and although it doesn't really bring anything new to the table, it's executed with such style and panache that you don't really mind and stands as a perfect example of an expansion pack. The new units and buildings are all tactically interesting to use and really give the game a unique flavor, while the story is fun and entertaining in that classic C&C way. Throw in the fine visuals and solid controls and you're left with an all-round good egg.

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