Zax: The Alien Hunter

Action 2001 Windows JoWood Productions Isometric Science Fiction

Immersive and simple action adventure; over 100 maps!

This game's best feature is its very large array of scenarios. In terms of play style it is an enticing combination of action and adventure, though the action is the meat of the game. You control your character from a third person perspective, top down, though the maps are 3D and quite expansive. So, ultimately, if you love the idea of games that are all about bashing and killing (with guns, lots of guns!) and mindless fun, this is one such good game. Also, as a plus to it, Zax: The Alien Hunter , the entire list of maps will take you through a diverse looking set of areas, some green and plain like, mostly, others that are interior others that are exteriors and some that combine the two kinds. The level of detail on each map/level varies, but, they're pretty decent most of the time. Play it, if you love top down third person action, (with the occasional mini puzzle here and there) and have a game such as Shadowgrounds nearby, if this one doesn't really do it for you. Both are pretty similar, alien shooter types, but Shadowgrounds is a bit more generous with the amount of puzzles it managed to include, while Zax is more loose with the amount of enemies it throws at you!

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